Will a home alarm really change my chances of being robbed?

Yes!  With the installation of a home alarm an external strobe light and siren as well as warning stickers are a great first point deterrent. 

Do I need to test my alarm system regularly?

Yes testing is recommended.  You should test your home alarm system at least once a month. The main issue is the phone lines that the alarm system is hooked up to. Testing will confirm that the lines are working.

In a 2 story house how can you run wires if you have no ceiling access?

In many premises wires cannot be run to certain areas.  In these cases wireless detectors can be used.  In most multi story homes it's hard for traditional hardwired home alarm systems to be installed because the ceiling has no ceiling access - In this case, and with single brick house, most security alarm specialists will install wireless home alarm systems.

Will a home security system make my home insurance premiums cheaper?

In many cases yes - but it depends on the insurance company. Talk to your insurer before you install a system.

I am currently renting, can I still get home alarm?

Yes - the best way to do this it get a completely wireless home alarm system so that you are able to take it with you when you leave.

What if the power is cut to my house - does the alarm system still work?

Most good security alarm systems will come with a backup battery installed which will operate for a limited period. During the power failure it will automatically switch to the backup battery. Most of these batteries are rechargeable, and will recharge once the power is returned.

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