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Full HD CCTV Cameras

We are your local and city-wide reliable and experienced security alarm contractor, with winning industry accolades:


State Winner


NECA Excellence Awards – Work Health & Safety Management

State Winner


NECA Excellence Awards – Small Contracting Business

National Winner


Clean Energy Council Awards – Solar Design & Installation

National Winner


NECA Excellence Awards – Small Contracting Business

State Finalist


NECA Excellence Awards – Energy Efficiency & Environment

Meet the BTS Team



BTS is Brooklyn Trade Services Pty Limited, a family owned company which has been providing electrical services since 1988.

BTS is a major supplier of electrical, energy efficiency and electronic security solutions across Sydney but particularly in Northern Sydney and the New South Wales Central Coast.

BTS currently have 10 full time permanent employees. All works are completed in-house and we do not subcontract any works. We have a strong financial position and a reputation amongst our industry and clients as a professional business always striving to provide successful project outcomes.

The BTS range of services allows us to assist our commercial and residential customers with all of their needs where it also allows us to take a holistic approach when considering the various options available to meet a particular need.

To find out more about the BTS range of services please follow the appropriate links on the side bar or simply call BTS on 1300 319 419 for a discussion concerning your needs.



We provide the following guarantees to all of our customers:

Our quality workmanship meets or exceeds all appropriate standards, codes and regulations relevant to our trade.

Our staff are suitably experienced, qualified and trained to perform their work.

Our customer and staff safety is taken seriously and our Workplace Health and Safety practices reflect our commitment to safety.

Our industry insurances are up to date and available for inspection upon request.

Our fees are commensurate with the quality of our work and explained in advance of work commencing.


Monitored Alarms

A BTS monitored alarm can give you ultimate peace of mind with our Grade A1 24/7 Monitoring Centre option for as little as $10 per week. When an alarm is triggered in your premises, the monitoring centre is alerted immediately and is responded to by security patrol or call contact depending on your preferences. See Packages or Contact Us for our affordable offers on the highest quality equipment.


CCTV & Surveillance 


We offer an extensive selection of security cameras and video surveillance equipment that will enhance your security and feeling of protection. BTS tailor each security system with CCTV, digital video recording (DVR) and surveillance capabilities to suit your requirements and budget.

Security Camera
Digital Security System

Access Control Systems


Whatever your need – from a basic remote system for perimeter doors right through to a high-tech fully sectorised system with flexible access privileges and usage records – we can provide the solution.


Basic Alarm Systems


BTS Security provide quality Security Alarm Systems for your home or business. Our systems are tailored and are easy to operate, can be integrated with your garage door or gate, and can be made suitable for households with pets.



Will a home alarm really change my chances of being robbed?

Yes!  With the installation of a home alarm an external strobe light and siren as well as warning stickers are a great first point deterrent. 

Do I need to test my alarm system regularly?

Yes testing is recommended.  You should test your home alarm system at least once a month. The main issue is the phone lines that the alarm system is hooked up to. Testing will confirm that the lines are working.

In a 2 story house how can you run wires if you have no ceiling access?


In many premises wires cannot be run to certain areas.  In these cases wireless detectors can be used.  In most multi story homes it's hard for traditional hardwired home alarm systems to be installed because the ceiling has no ceiling access - In this case, and with single brick house, most security alarm specialists will install wireless home alarm systems.

Will a home security system make my home insurance premiums cheaper?

In many cases yes - but it depends on the insurance company. Talk to your insurer before you install a system.

I am currently renting, can I still get home alarm?

Yes - the best way to do this it get a completely wireless home alarm system so that you are able to take it with you when you leave.

What if the power is cut to my house - does the alarm system still work?

Most good security alarm systems will come with a backup battery installed which will operate for a limited period. During the power failure it will automatically switch to the backup battery. Most of these batteries are rechargeable, and will recharge once the power is returned.


Our Experience

Sweet Solar

We provided solar power to keep the Lindt Chocolate factory running sweetly.

Power Savings Daily

This  battery installation in Davistown RSL pays for itself even on cloudy days.

.../view all

Fully Off Grid

Check out our award winning 30kW stand alone PV power system.


Safety Management System

BTS operates a comprehensive Safety Management System which also encompasses our Quality and Environmental Systems. This system was developed in collaboration with our professional industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). We will provide Site Safety Management Plans for each new project together with our regular practices of JSA/HRA, regular Toolbox Talks and SWMS. We hold current accreditations through third party assessors Cm3, BNG Conserve, SASSI, GoInduct & Rapid Global.

Brooklyn Trade Services Pty Limited • Commercial and Domestic Electrical • Energy Efficiency • Commercial Maintenance Programs

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